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George Barnes

I have lived in Padstow for the past 51 years, originally coming from Newlyn in West Cornwall, I spent my childhood  years in the midst of the artist colony which probably left its mark on me. Among my family friends there was an elderly artist Mary Ashburner, whose studio I visited quite often, and where I sat as her model for the princely sum of 6d per session. 

I attended Penzance School of Art for a period of time. On leaving I joined the General Post Office  as an trainee engineer for what was to become a career lasting 41 years. In 1960 my duties took me to Goonhilly Earth Station where I was responsible for the installation of equipment during the formative years of satellite communications. My career was interrupted only by service in the Korean War 1950 -52 where I served as a reconnaissance radio operator. On retiring I again took up painting again and was able to devote time to my photography. 
My subject matter is heavily biased towards subjects connected with the sea.

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